hey guys.... I'm struggling so bad right now. Latley I cannot say no to temptation, EVER. I can be doing something wrong and hearing Bible verses in my head about how wrong it is and doing it anyway. then I beat myself up about it but I still screw it up every day. I get depressed super easily and these types of things drag me down so deep. Pray I start to have the courage to resist temptation. I know that if God is in me I can do anything but I don't see how he can work through the crap I'm always giving Him.. I know the truth but sometimes doubt is stronger.

Posted in: Faith on August 25, 2016

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  • September 1, 2016

    Girl, you gotta give yourself some grace. Now I'm not saying you should persist in your sin, but also you can't live in fear and shame when you fall because that can be just as paralyzing as the sin itself. Here's my suggestion: the next time you go to do whatever it you are doing, stop and ask yourself if God has something better for you. I thinking taking a step back to remind ourselves that this isn't going to bring ultimate satisfaction can go a long way in helping us move forward in overcoming sin. Keep us posted on how you are doing sweet friend! -Heather AGLM