Hey girls. I just am struggling with some family relationships right now as well as feeling optimistic about some. I mean, I'm VERY flawed: I say piercing, damaging words which I quickly regret. I tend to either shut-up or be brutally honest, and I'm very misunderstood and very misunderstanding. I'm proud and I don't give people a lot of room to change. The point being, I need to give more grace, listen better, and just love like Jesus. My pride and fear keep getting in the way. It's a real struggle. But that's the point. I want it to be more of a struggle and less of a surrender to my flesh. Cause right now it's not that way. Please pray for me!! Tonight I confessed and apologized to a family member I've hurt and afterwards had a LONG conversation with them and I feel so challenged and encouraged. I'm SO thankful for this and it makes me hopeful for the future! Just wanted to share cause my family and my relationships with them are such a gigantic part of my life and they're on my mind! Love y'all!

Posted in: Relationships on August 10, 2016

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  • September 26, 2016

    Sweet Chelsea, thank you for being inspired by me! It sounds funny, but mostly, I don't feel I'm very inspirational to people around me. :) So it kinda made my heart melt a little to hear that.
    Thank you so much for kind words. And thank you for praying. I definitely need it.
    You're such a HUGE blessing in my life. Seriously, you are.
    I love you.

  • September 5, 2016

    Girl, your honesty and vulnerability are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your heart and where you are! Taking that step to have a difficult conversation with a family member is huge. It's terrifying, but it's also very BRAVE. But the HOPE that came out of it...that's awesome!! Seriously excited for you, friend. And again, so thankful you shared this with us! Praying for continued growth, grace and courage. - Chelsea, AGLM