Hey guys..I have this problem with letting God have the glory. It definitely doesn't come easily to me and I'm struggling with thinking ALL ABOUT what fellow screwed up humans think of me. Prayer would be so appreciated. Just that I would remember to stay in The Word and to keep trusting gHim no matter the cost...it's just been so tough to listen to God telling me the truth and to listen to God over people. Agh. Sorry this is kind of scattered. Thanks ya'll.

Posted in: Faith on July 22, 2016

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  • July 23, 2016

    Hey girl! Man, I think what you're walking through is something all of us deal with. The inner voice inside us is never kind and it is often a struggle to stop listening to her and allow ourselves to embrace the truth of how much we are loved by God and how much value we have in Him. My biggest encouragement is to just give yourself grace. This is a battle we will never conquer this side of heaven. It's part of brokenness and a tangible representation of our desperate need for Jesus. So when you give in to the inner voice, just remember that Jesus is still there, holding on to you. -Heather AGLM