Hello my lovely sisters! So I've been recognizing some lies I've been telling myself and believing. Today I was babysitting kids at VBS and I got kind of impatient and stern and kind of yelled at them. And then I thought, "Uh, you're a terrible person and a terrible babysitter and now the kids won't like you anymore." Then I remembered Heather's post and thought, "That's a lie I'm telling myself and I'm just hurting myself. I could just be more patient and relaxed. It doesn't mean I'm a jerk forever if I'm not wonderful for a minute." (It's more like "I acted nice! Wow!" haha) So I guess I'm just thankful that I'm starting to call out lies when I tell them because that's the first step to (mostly successfully) battling them. As I battle lies, I know it'll definitely be better for how I view myself because now I'll be trying to view myself how God views me and not how Satan does. And I'm also happy cause I got to talk to a girlfriend today about self-image and I think it was encouraging on both ends. Sorry for my randomness, but I just feel so happy.

Posted in: Self-Image on July 15, 2016

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  • August 31, 2016

    Heather! I'm just so thankful for a place to be real and open with both my dirt and my happiness. Thank you for creating--and being-- a safe place to be real. I love you!

  • July 21, 2016

    Girl! This is so awesome! Isn't it just crazy how many lies and hurtful words we speak over ourselves EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? We really are our own worst enemy. I'm so glad you are able to start to see the lies when they come and accept the grace of Jesus when you choose to believe them. Thanks for the encouraging share!! -Heather AGLM