So I have a friend who has had a hard life. His parents are divorced and his dad and step-mom are devoted atheists and my friend is a Christian. He mostly lives with his dad and step-mom which is tough on him. I have been praying for him and his family and thing where getting better for him and his dad, but I talked to him a week ago and thing have gotten harder for his family. I want to do something more than just pray but I feel like that’s all I can do. If you have any ideas of what I can do to encourage my friend I would greatly appreciate it. thx

Posted in: Relationships on July 10, 2016

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  • July 21, 2016

    I know how you feel. I have a friend in similar circumstances. her dad is a Christian but her mom tries to make life super hard for my friend.
    It hurts her every day and I want to do more than pray.
    But praying is talking to the only One able to change things. So as hard as it is you're doing the best thing you can for him right now! Keep being a great friend because I'm sure he needs that.
    Praying <3

  • July 12, 2016

    I had a friend years ago in the same situation. I found that the best thing I could do for her was just be there. When she needed someone to rejoice and celebrate with about things God was doing in her life, she couldn't go to her family, but she always knew she could come to me. When things went from hard to worse, when she would fight with her family and no one understood her, she would call me to cry, to scream, to just fall apart, and let me pray with her. When she needed out of her house, she would come to mine. She just needed someone who she knew would always be there, to listen, to support, to encourage, to pray, to offer a hug when words just couldn't help. Keep praying for your friend, and maybe just let him know (if he doesn't already) that you're there. Tell him you're praying for him. Tell him if he ever needs a listening ear, you're there. Tell him he's seen and heard and understood by someone, even if it's not his family. Keep being there. It sounds like you already are :)
    - Chelsea, AGLM