So the Desperation conferance in Colorado is next week. I'm glad I'm going but I DO NOT want to go. You see the past 10 months have been foucused on my brother and friend who need physical healing and everyone sees them and the pain they have , then there's me a girl who's has deprestion and none sees it, a girls who just wants to be seen. My fear is that the speakers will only foucus on the physical healing not the kind i need. I'm sorry for my spelling

Posted in: Other on July 1, 2015

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  • July 11, 2015

    Sweet girl, you are seen! You are seen by your Father who loves you and wants nothing more than to be your comfort, your joy and your healer. The speakers at the conference can not fix or change anything for you. They can speak life and words of wisdom. They can encourage and teach and pray. But your healing comes from the Lord. So run to Him. I would also suggest you talk to someone about how you're feeling. Sometimes it's hard for the people around you to know you're struggling if you don't say anything. Physical healing can be easier to focus on because a lot of times it's easier to see. But depression and the thoughts and feelings you battle internally matter just as much, and I'm sure your family and friends who love you and care for you will be there for you if you share with them what you're facing. You are so loved and cherished, my friend, and I will be praying for you. - Chelsea AGLM