What's on my mind? Oh so many things, but today I am struggling. Today i need a friend that I don't have. I have never had many friends the ones I did have found a way out or my life and they didn't even care to come back. I have had some terrible friends in my life "friends" who made me feel that I wasn't good enough a friend actually told me I didn't matter I was stupid enough to still want to be friends after that in the end I was hurt and we rarely speak any more. I've had friends who just had me as a filler until the better people came along and I was thrown to the side like and old pair old socks. I am shy and awkward and I don't like to talk about my self and my feelings, i don't let people because I have always felt I didn't matter because the people that I would open up to just found someone else anyway or they would find some stupid reason to be angry at me and there I was left again. Most of the time I don't mind not having any friends it just allows me to not get hurt yet again , but today I hurt because I don't have that friend to talk with and feel that I matter. I pray everyday that God would send me a good friend i know one day he will answer that prayer but until then I have to feel good about myself and not let those bad friends ruin me and break me down long after they found someone better. That is me struggle today, knowing I am good enough and I do matter. I have a friend in Jesus and that is what gets me through rough days like today!

Posted in: Relationships on June 17, 2015

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  • June 18, 2015

    Thank You, Allison!!

  • June 17, 2015

    Hi! I have been there. In high school, I felt the same, that I didn't have any friends I could turn to and would walk with me through my failures and not give up on me. I prayed every day, and once I got to college and got plugged into a christian ministry on campus, joined a bible study... I found THOSE friends! God totally answered that prayer. But here's my advice to you during this time that is super hard:
    - Find the community that will point you to Jesus. Those are the friends you want.
    - To have a friend, you have to be a friend. I know there are girls who feel just like you! Ask that God shows you those girls who need a friend and that he will give you the strength and compassion to reach out to them.
    - Keep leaning on Jesus. When the distractions are gone and we know that Jesus is THE best thing to turn to, that's when we experience the richest and most fulfilling time with Him. He wants us to desire him above anything else, and when we realize that, well, it's time with him that is so valuable and you will never regret.

    Praying for you!
    - Allison at A Girl Like Me