Just a college grad trying to figure out what to do with my life. Specifically, I am feeling a tug towards ministry and know I would LOVE it- but have parents hammering down on me to go to head school so I can get a job that "provides health insurance" and "let's me raise a family". I can slowly see them opening up to me doing what I feel called to...but prayers are definitely appreciated :) for me and them. thanks all!

Posted in: Faith on June 17, 2015

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  • June 17, 2015

    Praying for you! I as well am pursing "full time" ministry job, but not sure if God is opening the doors yet for that... I would encourage you while you wait to practice ministry now, wherever you are and whatever you are doing! It won't be easier if you do have a full-time ministry title, so because of God's grace, he allows us and desires us to be a part of his ministry NOW wherever you are in life! :) I am encouraged by your excitement to be a part of His plan and not yours!!! He is faithful to carry out what he has planned that is best for you!
    -Allison at A Girl Like Me