there's a really cute guy (i know looks aren't everything) at my youth group and my friends have told me that he is very nice but I'm afraid to talk to him I'm afraid I'll say something i will regret and i don't know if it's good to talk to him? I would be greatfull if you could pray i make the right choice

Posted in: Relationships on May 21, 2015

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  • June 20, 2015

    Hey girl,

    I read your post a while ago and wanted to respond, but I didn't know quite how to phrase my thoughts. Now I think I do. What Heather points out is so true. Boys are not everything....not even close! Allowing your interest in this boy to become an idol would not only be will also distract your heart from pursuing Jesus deeper.

    That being said, I totally get the feelings you express. You are so not alone in this area. I think nearly every girl deals with this sort of thing. :) I'm 21 and single. I go to my church's college group and see plenty of guys that are cute....and not just that, many of them are genuine young men who love the lord and seek him. Even when you get to my age, it's hard not to try and write your own love story. But please, let God do the work in that department, his love story for you is so much better!!

    Anyways, I write all this to say that it is certainly not wrong to have a crush, or even date if that is where GOD is leading you. But, it's super important to keep your focus on Christ first. I would encourage you to seek the Lord and let him bring the right guy to you in his perfect timing. Pursue wholeness in Christ. He is the only one that can ever fill the deepest voids in our hearts.

    Praying for you girl! :)

  • May 27, 2015

    Boys are not everything. I know that's hard to believe. But seriously, is he really worth all the fuss? Ask yourself if you are making this boy into some kind of idol and obsession that he shouldn't be. If you are, I'd recommend just staying away. Fall in love with Jesus. He's the only boy worth getting to know. ;-) -Heather AGLM