So.... my whole life I've been single. No guy has ever shown any interest in me, until recently. I used to think it would be nice to have guys that were at least interested in me. I thought it would boost my self esteem. Now 3 guys have shown interest in me in less than a month. I've pretty much awkwardly turned each one down. The first two because I honestly wasn't interested. The third because I don't know him that well and I'm terrified to even start the pre-relationship get to know each other phase. I don't want to date anyone that God doesn't want me too, but I'm also so scared for my own heart that I might miss him telling me it's okay. I'm scared I'll get hurt or realize that, that guy wasn't for me and both of our time will have been wasted. What if I get in a relationship with the wrong guy and miss the right one? What would people think if I did get in a relationship? Let's face it, I'm not scared I'm straight up terrified.

Posted in: Relationships on May 8, 2016

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  • May 12, 2016

    First off, I can truly say that I felt all the feels when I read this. I've been going through something similar. I've always had a hard time opening up to people - especially prospective romantic partners - because I've always wanted to save myself for the man that God has picked out for me. And when I did open myself up to someone, I ended up getting burned because I jumped the gun, and was doing what I wanted to do, rather than what God wanted me to do.

    The cool - beyond cool, actually - thing is that God meets us where we are. He's going to take care of us when we fall, and pick us up when we're bruised. He knows that you're worried about this, but He's always working right. When we're trying to do what He wants us to do, he'll help form our mistakes into something that works for Him. It's hard to trust Him, but praying and talking to Him definitely helps. And He's more important than other people's opinions. It's pretty scary getting to know someone with the idea in your head that he could be 'the one'. So maybe just try to get to know him as friends, with no prospective ideas or plans in your head. I know that it's incredibly tough, but God has it covered. When He wants you to know, he'll know. It's good that you want to do what He wants you to do, but it can be a hindrance when you get in the way of yourself, if that makes sense.

    This is really long, so long story short, I'm praying for you and rooting for you. You have more strength than you think. God loves and cares for you more deeply than anyone can ever comprehend. He's got this covered, and all you've got to do is trust in Him, for He'll take care of everything. :)