Sometimes I have to fight to keep my faith in certain situations. I realized this during this time when I'm strengthen my relationship with God. But I know I have to keep him close, but there are days where his comfort and guidance feel so small. Some of the times this happens feels like he is testing me like he normally does with me. Then there are times he is showing me what he needs me to do. But I'm always stuck in a way of figuring out my path with God. I'm still learning my path, the reason I'm here, and so forth. I need faithly advice: Should I keep pray to God about what he show me of his plan for me? Or should I just let him still do all of the work in the mean time?

Posted in: Faith on April 14, 2016

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  • May 5, 2016

    Hey girl, I feel you. I seriously JUST experienced / am experiencing what you're going through. My problem was my own walls of sin I'd let grow thicker and higher.
    As for your questions, they're mine as well.
    I just wanted to let you know I totally understand you and you are not alone.

  • April 27, 2016

    You know, you aren't always going to feel God. Man, I can remember times in my life where I was walking through some horrible stuff and it seemed like God was nowhere to be seen. I guess what I can offer is this: just surrender to the process. I feel like when we are put in these "testing" times like you say, God is obviously trying to teach us something. I think the problem is that because they're uncomfortable, we want to try and find a way out of it as fast as possible and inevitably miss the whole point we were there in the first place. So yes, pray but but pray that you will be content to sit in the season you are in. It took 13 years from the tie God gave Joseph his first vision before God brought it to completion. In those years Joseph was sold into slavery, accused of adultery, and thrown in jail. When the time came for his vision to become reality, he said all those horrible things had to come to pass so that he could steward what God had called him to well.

    Friend, rest in the season you're in. Quit fighting for answers and just be with God. Trust the process and trust a God who promises He'll never leave you. Eventually, He'll show you the way. -Heather AGLM