I currently have an offer on the table to serve with a really cool ministry in a national park for 90 days this summer. The issue is that I now have full assurance that God wants me to go on a separate week-long trip to Haiti towards the beginning of this 90-day commitment. So, either I go to Haiti and decline the offer from the ministry, or I ask the ministry if I can delay my start date until after I return from Haiti - not sure if this is even a possibility. Also, I haven't told my parents about this ministry offer yet, and it's a good 1,000 miles away - that part is big because they could easily keep me from going. Just asking for prayer in wisdom, trust, my parents' hearts to be calmed when I tell them, and a change in heart for me if necessary.

Posted in: Faith on February 25, 2016

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  • March 7, 2016

    Thanks for sharing with us! Sounds like amazing opportunities either way! I am a planner and easily get consumed just thinking about what is next that I miss what's happening in the moment NOW. Focus on today and what God is calling you to do today. He will establish your steps. He just wants you to live in the present! Keep seeking Him! Excited for you!
    -Allison at AGLM