This week I've been very discouraged. I felt like crying every day and I don't know why. I'm having a lot of troubles in my life, but it seems that with everyone elses troubles are a lot bigger than my own. I try to love everyone because I know what it feels like to be hated but sometimes I really need to feel loved. if you could please pray for me.

Posted in: Other on January 31, 2015

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  • February 6, 2015

    Praying for you. I know how it hurts. Don't downplay what you're going through just because you feel like others are going through worse - God sees you and He cares so much, no matter how your life compares to others'. I'll be praying that you'll be surrounded by people who genuinely care about you, but remember that even if you feel alone, God is with you and loves you with a love that goes beyond all our understanding.

  • February 4, 2015

    I know what it feels like also. Heck, I'm still feeling it. Praying together, girl. Only united in the struggle can we stand.

  • February 3, 2015

    I know what it feels like. We've all had times like these, when it seems impossible to keep the tears from flowing. You are loved! God loves you and I love you too!