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July 6, 2016


Summer is here and it is NASTY. Not sure where you guys live, but in Nashville, it’s gross. Humidity and heat…..gah… it feels like your sweat is sweating. But despite the fact that it feels like we are living in hell’s oven, summer somehow gives off this feeling of opportunity. Like if there was ever a time to take that trip or try that new outfit or binge watch that tv show, summer is that time.

In case summer isn;t your jam and you find yourself in a midseason slump, we have provided a list for you of some of our favorite things that helping us beat the heat and make the most of this time. So here’s our current AGLM “Hot” list:

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown: YOU GUYS…this book is earth shattering good. If you’ve read any of our posts over the last few months, there is some reference or hint to Brene and her wisdom from this book. All three of us have read it, and it’s totally changed how we love each other, ourselves, and those around us. Total must read for sure.

The Bachelorette: Yes, we know it’s bad tv. Yes we know it’s not uplifting. Yes, we know the guys are ridiculous and that these kind of relationships never work out. But ladies…..WE. CANNOT. STOP. WATCHING. It’s like a car wreck; you know it’s awful but something makes it impossible for you to look away. We have our favorites (Sweet James) and our least favorites (ahem…Robby) and we can not wait to see which one Jo-Jo ends up with.

– Scarves: Listen, scarves are not just for farmers to keep the sun off their necks, they are SUPER in right now and SUPER cute. It’s a great way to accessorize an outift without working too hard. Here is a tutorial on different ways to wear a bandana or scarf and rock it hard this summer/fall.

– Zucchini bread: For people who hate veggies and LOVE sweats, this tasty snack is the perfect combo. Here’s a recipe that declares itself the BEST zucchini bread recipe out there. We dare you to try it.

-Bralettes: For us gals with NO boobs, bralettes can feel a bit tricky. But, find the right one, and they can take your summer wardrobe to a whole new level. A lot of people might think they look trashy, but done right, they can add that nice feminine touch to your ensemble. Here’s an article on different ways to style your bralette. Happy shopping.

– Tinted Moisturizer: In the summer, wearing a ton of makeup feels gross, especially when you are sweating outside. A great way to get coverage without all the fuss is a tinted moisturizer. Perfect for giving you that dewy look but not too heavy that you look like a monster movie when you sweat. Here are two of our faves that we are currently wearing here and here

Switchfoot’s Where The Light Shines Through: Possibly one of their best records yet, Where The Light Shines Through feels like it’s the anthem of AGLM. Although we haven’t heard the whole record yet, (it comes out THIS Friday) every song released so far has spoken to our hearts in a really profound and personal way. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts!

Well there you have it. Let us know in the comments what are some of your go to things right now. Peace and pool hangs! -AGLM Team

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