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HMy name is Heather. I am married to Jeff Owen of the moderately popular Christian rock group Tenth Avenue North. I am mother to Simon, a dashing boy and Penelope (Penny) the chubbiest little cutie there ever was.  I am an amateur chop stick user and a sucker for a cheesy teen romance flick. My nickname is Schmancy for “Fancy Schmancy” though I am anything but fancy. I don’t wear jewelry and if I were a boy I’d be covered in tattoos.  I am a lover of brutal truth, and try my best to speak it to those who I meet. I am also totally and irreversibly messed up. I have “issues” that although they can haunt me daily, I feel are a gift from God. My desire is to use this blog as a way to share life with other young women and let them know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is hope. My hope is that through sharing my life and having others share theirs, we might all come to a place of healing from the things that hold us down. To read my story on healing from sexual abuse, visit our sister page A Girl In Progress

photo (3)My name is Kelly.  I am in love with my husband Mike Donehey who is also apart of the moderately popular Christian rock group Tenth Avenue North.  I have three amazingly beautiful little girls, Eisley, Nora, and June.  My family rocks my world and I am blessed beyond measure for the love we have in our home.  I am passionate about food… good food.  I am passionate about coffee.. If I could have it my way I would be sitting by a campfire in the mountains every night with a good cup of coffee, good friends, and a dog sitting at my feet.  Throw in an easel and some paint brushes on the side and that is a day of perfection.  I, however, am not perfect.  I have struggles that I face every day and ugliness in my heart that the blood of Christ is covering.  I am a child of God’s and I experience His mercies every morning that I so don’t deserve.  My heart is to see girls experience these mercies.  My prayer is that the words that I write will be completely from God and used to speak into girls hearts who desperately need hope.  I desire to share my life in order to take this journey with you to fall into the arms of Christ, so that we may all believe in His undying love for us.

imageMy name is Kelsey and I am newly married to Matt Kirkegaard a passionate people lover, pianist and my best friend. I am a nanny by day (and often by night) but I also love to write and get my hands on anything creative. I am most alive when I am out of the country with a camera in my hand, capturing people’s stories or sitting in a coffee house with a journal and hot cup of warm deliciousness next to me (and yes I use deliciousness as a real word).  I am deeply passionate about true, genuine friendship, and I fight for depth and authenticity in relationships…sometimes to a fault.  I am a fighter, in all areas of life; I fight for justice, for convictions, and often times my point, therefore…my greatest strengths are also my greatest weakness’ and I am daily in a position of humbly accepting God’s grace in my life. I am constantly being reminded that I fall short and am desperately in need of my savior (marriage is proving to be a great daily reminder of my flaws and need for forgiveness as well). I pray that my simple, often fumbling, words will bring encouragement to those fighting for convictions, hope to those feeling lost, challenge to those fighting a struggle and comfort and peace to those caught in the middle of life’s harder side.



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You are not the forgotten. You are His and HE IS FOR YOU! agirlikeme.com "So Long Summer" New post on the blog today. Link in profile. #Repost from @hjoyowen with @repostapp --- As a mom it's often hard to find a ministry outside of your family. I'm so blessed to be allowed to speak into the lives of young women through blogging. Sometimes I think it blesses me far greater than those who read it. #growwhereyoureplanted

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