Our Writers

Heather Owen

heather-25-of-46[1]My name is Heather, and I am a failure. I am not the best wife and mother; friend and Christian. I occasionally swear, listen to the wrong type of music, watch the wrong type of TV and say the wrong and hurtful thing to others. I get jealous, prideful, angry and mean; often lacking grace and forgiveness. But my failings don’t define me. Neither do my successes. WHY? Because, I am loved by a God who sees beyond that and calls me daughter. A God who knows my highs and lows and stills thinks I’m lovely. This is the God I desperately love and the God I want you to know. This is the God that I still hurt and question and doubt, but trust that no matter where I go, He is always right there waiting to love me. Let’s rip off our masks of perfection together and get to know this messy, radical and glorious God we serve. Because trust me, He’s totally worth it. Connect with me via my personal blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Kelsey Kirkegaard

kels[1]My name is Kelsey and I’m married to Matt Kirkegaard, a passionate people lover, pianist and my best friend. I’m a semi-retired nanny who is now diving into writing, creating, DIY-ing, photographing and managing my husband’s music career. I’m most alive when I am out of the country with a camera in my hand, capturing people’s stories or sitting in a coffee shop with a hot cup of deliciousness next to me. I am deeply passionate about true, genuine friendship and I fight for authenticity in relationships…sometimes to a fault. I am a fighter in all areas of life; justice, convictions and oftentimes my point…therefore, my greatest strengths are also my greatest weaknesses and I am daily in a position to accept God’s grace in my life. I pray that my simple, often fumbling words will bring encouragement to those fighting for convictions, hope to those feeling lost, challenge to those fighting a struggle and comfort and peace to those caught in the middle of life’s harder side. You can connect with me via my blog, Twitter and Instagram

Allison Creagh

Hi, I’m Allison…a mid-twenties but still a kid-at-heart. I love people, laughter, the darkest chocolate and the richest coffee. Some of my favorite things are hosting parties for my friends and family, traveling with my husband, being an entrepreneur, and making this occasional shopping run! I am from North Carolina and still live there today. At this stage of my life, I am enjoying being the new wife of an incredibly handsome, smart and loving man named Jimmy while finishing my masters in Biblical Counseling.  As much as I am deeply grateful for all of these things, Jesus is the One who has captured my heart as I come to understand His grace more and more each day. You can connect with me via my blog, twitter and instagram

Nina Shirley

img_7225[1]My name is Nina. I grew up in sunny South Florida but am now living in Nashville where I recently graduated from Lipscomb University with a degree in Environmental and Sustainable Science. On January 31st, 2015, I got to marry Brendon— the dreamy keyboardist for Tenth Avenue North. Birdwatching, traveling, eating chocolate, event planning, and playing with flowers are a few of my favorite things. Vulnerability is difficult / beautiful and this blog is a safe place for that. I pray that God continually reminds me of my desperate need for His presence and that we can somehow uncover the parts of our hearts that we have yet to give to Him. Only by the radical, life-altering grace of God can we freely share our joys, struggles, and triumphs together. Brand new to the blogging world, I’m thankful and humbled to be a part of this ministry with you through AGLM- for we love because He first loved us. You can connect with me via my instagram and twitter.

Steph Cashin

dsc_0124-3[1]I’m Stephanie and I’m a storyteller. I believe in the power of sharing our stories no matter how small, with one another. I’d rather tell you the story of getting coffee this morning- how I witnessed a barista gift a surgeon her morning cup because, as he shared with me, “she saved my life two years ago..” than say… I really like coffee. I’d rather take you to an Auburn football game and walk with you around the campus sharing traditions and memories and lessons learned on the library’s no talking fourth floor than minimize my experience to the factual 2011 Auburn graduate with a degree in Human Development. And I would much rather you come to church with me on a Sunday and see the kiddos I get to work with as Director of Children’s Ministry than reduce the calling on my heart to love children with abandon, to a job description.  Sweet girls, I cannot wait to share this little space on the web with you! To share stories of hope and laughter and hurts and all the tears. I hope you’ll be inspired to find adventure wherever you are and share your stories and gifts with us as well! You can connect with me via my blog,and instagram.

Chelsea Empfield

chelsea[1]My name is Chelsea and I am an excessively-detailed chatterbox who always has a story to tell. I’m a lover of the open road, adventure seeker and music enthusiast. I’m obsessed with fall, and if I could wear scarves, boots and comfy sweaters, and sit around campfires all year-round, I would. I am currently a nanny, though I prefer “Kid Entertainer and Transporter…” much more accurate and exciting. I thrive on deep conversations with friends over a hot cup of tea, covering everything from the continuous wonders of God’s Word and His work in our lives, to boys, food, and that cute top I bought last week. Vulnerability is not my strong suit, but my desire is to meet you here without masks, be real, open and exposed and break down walls together. You can connect with me via my personal blog, Twitter, and Instagram.