Our Writers


Allison Creagh

Hi, I’m Allison…a mid-twenties but still a kid-at-heart girl from Raleigh, North Carolina. I love people, laughter, the darkest chocolate and the richest coffee. I am usually hosting parties, traveling with my husband, working on my entrepreneur-ness, writing, or counseling others. I also love being the wife of an incredibly handsome and smart man named Jimmy. I have a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, and I am passionate about counseling and writing to women. As much as I am deeply grateful for all of these things, Jesus is the One who has captured my heart as I come to understand His grace more and more each day. You can connect with me via my blog, twitter and instagram



Nina Shirley


Hola! I’m Nina. I’m prone to exaggeration, constantly taking wrong turns while driving, eating chocolate in any form everyday, and dreaming of my future flock of chickens. Nashville is home-base, but Brendon and I have spent most of our married life so far traveling with his band, Tenth Avenue North. While on the road, I work for Compassion International and walk around the city-of-the-day with my favorite guy. When we’re at home, I work on an organic farm outside of town and spend time growing food and flowers in our yard. I aspire to read more, worry less, dream bigger, quit comparing, listen closely, and love because I’m loved by God. Vulnerability is difficult / beautiful and this blog is a safe place for that. Only by the radical, life-altering grace of God can we freely share our joys, struggles, and triumphs together.

Also, I WANT TO MEET YOU! Keep an eye on the bands travel schedule because if they’re there, I’m there! You can connect with me via my instagram and twitter.


Chelsea Empfield

chelsea[1]My name is Chelsea and I am an excessively-detailed chatterbox who always has a story to tell. I’m a lover of the open road, adventure seeker and music enthusiast. I’m obsessed with fall, and if I could wear scarves, boots and comfy sweaters, and sit around campfires all year-round, I would. I am currently a nanny, though I prefer “Kid Entertainer and Transporter…” much more accurate and exciting. I thrive on deep conversations with friends over a hot cup of tea, covering everything from the continuous wonders of God’s Word and His work in our lives, to boys, food, and that cute top I bought last week. Vulnerability is not my strong suit, but my desire is to meet you here without masks, be real, open and exposed and break down walls together. You can connect with me via my personal blog, Twitter, and Instagram.


Ashton Murphy


Hi! My name is Ashton. I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband, Hank Murphy. We work and serve at the Summit Church and are big dreamers together. I am from northern California and moved here 2 years ago because I fell in love with my wonderful man. Living in different countries and traveling the world on mission for the gospel is my greatest passion and unending dream. I also love painting and creating beauty in spaces, cooking delicious Italian food, getting coffee with friends, and being outdoors in God’s gorgeous creation. I pray that God’s evident love, forgiveness, and grace in my life, despite my sin, will point you to the beauty and need of our Savior. We’re all in this fight for holiness together, and I’m so looking forward to getting to know you better. You can connect with me via my Instagram.